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E-Commerce Mobile Apps and Admin Portal for Food Grocery Apparel and related products.

This is a basic overview of our custom, Web Admin enabled ecommerce and delivery mobile app with admin Portal

Standard App and Admin Panel Features-


User Panels and Their Features

Admin panel

Full access to admin to Create | Edit | Delete Users, Categories, Products and Pricing

Product Field Specifications

• Name

• Description- Short and Detailed

• Unique SKU can be provided

• Regular Price

• Sale Price

• Create Sale Schedule (Sale price Start and End Date)

• Inventory Status (In Stock/Out of Stock)

• Details for Shipping (Weight/Dimesions)

• Similar/Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Products

• Custom Attributes like Length, Width, Tapered Width etc.

• Product Main Image and Other Images (Optional)


List of all orders with following details-

1. Order Number and Buyer Name

2. Shipping Address

3. Date

4. Total Payable

Detailed Order View

Order Number with Following details

1. Payment via Payment Method

2. Order date: DD/MM/YYYY

3. Order status: Processing | On-Hold | Shipped | Delivered | Cancelled | Others

4. Customer Details

5. Billing Address

6. Shipping Address

7. Products Ordered

8. Order Notes


Following Reports can be accessed-

1. On Orders basis- Sales by date | Sales by product | Sales by category | Coupons by date

2. Year | Last Month | This Month | Last 7 Days | Custom: Start Date-End Date

3. Customer Wise (Customer List)

4. Stock Basis- Low in stock | Out of stock | Most Stocked

Other Admin privileges

1. Add Product prices with Tax and Exclusive of Tax

2. Add Tax Rate product Wise

3. Create Discount Coupons and set validity

User panel

1. Can create his/her account and profile

2. Check and Edit Account details- Shipping Address, Billing Address, Personal Details etc.

3. Login | Register | Forgot Password Recovery | OTP(SMS*)/Email Verification

4. Cart Management | Create Order | View Order History

5. Mark as favourite

Payment Gateway-

We can integrate Payment Gateways such as PayPal (International Clients), CCAvenue, PayZippy, Paytm etc. as per requirements of client. The formal paperwork and Payment Gateway fees if applicable has to be paid by client directly to gateway provider.

SMS Gateway-

We can integrate most of the popular SMS gateways as per requirement of client. The formal paperwork and SMS Gateway fees if applicable has to be paid by client directly to gateway provider.

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