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Envisioned a One Stop Technology Solution company by the founders. The journey started in 2010 and company was legally incorporated in 2011. The Smart Techies Private Limited has been founded by alumni of BITS, Pilani and was incubated at Manipal University of Technology Business Incubator(MUTBI).

We cater to our clients with an in-house team of professional Consultants, Software Engineers, Developers and Designers as well as external consultants for varied hue of projects that we undertake requiring domain specific exposure and understanding.

We are involved in Design and Development of custom Mobile Apps for iOS and Android along with Websites, Web-Portals, E-Commerce Solutions and customized Online Software specially for Productivity Enhancement, Employee Tracking and Automation of tasks. Our Electronics Engineering department is involved in development of Embedded hardware and Software solutions for our clients including ready to use modules as well as custom development.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a company that is always at the forefront of technology led development. In this initiative we were incubated at MUTBI in our nascent stage. We invest in R&D on latest technologies so that we can offer our customers a holistic view and technology that works for them.

The Smart Techies was started in 2010 and legally incorporated in 2011 to offer custom Design and Development Services in Software- Web, Mobile and Desktop as well as Embedded Electronic sector.

We create bespoke Website & Portals for clients from Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and India.

Our Sales, Inventory and Personnel Tracking, E-Commerce, Service Provider and Hyperlocal Delivery Service Apps are being used throughout the world for varied purposes.

Customized apps are developed as per requirements. Our Business Analysts and Consultants provide best recommendations to help you succeed.