Logistics/Hyperlocal Delivery

1. Logistics/Hyperlocal Delivery- Android App and Browser based Back End along with Payment Gateway Integration for Online Pick and Drop and Local E-Commerce/Food order and Delivery service.

Electronic Engineering (E-Commerce Solution)-

2. Electronic Engineering (E-Commerce Solution)- A Woo-Commerce and Wordpress based E-Commerce and Informative website with Tutorials and Datasheets of Technical Electronic Engineering Products.

Herbal Products/Ayurveda-

3. Herbal Products/Ayurveda- An informative and Product Portfolio website for a leading GMP Certified Herbal Products manufactured company based at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Fashion Industry-

4. Fashion Industry- A portfolio based website along with E-Commerce integration for designed products of a private Fashion Label house.

Internet of Things (IoT)-

5. Internet of Things (IoT)- With in-house electronics and Software development Engineers, we create solutions for IoT such as data loggers and device control devices using IoT concepts. Primarily used devices for data transfer include GSM/GPRS, GPS, LoRan RF, Wi-Fi among others.